Check out my compositing reel, including work from 2014-2017. My role in each production is explained below.

:02 Deep Dive, 2016 – After Effects experiments using found footage and 3D camera moves.
:09 The Jellies, 2017 – Created for Adult Swim at Augenblick studios, my role was exporting Flash assets, and AE comping including adding texture, lighting, 3D camera moves, shadow, effects such as smoke and explosions.
:57 The Snackdown, 2017 – Created for the Cooking Channel at Augenblick. As the Post Production Supervisor, I did all compositing and helped coordinate asset delivery with the client.
1:11 Parade to Work, 2014 – After Effects experiments with the puppet tool.
1:16 Am I Awake, 2015 – Finalist for They Might Be Giants music video contest.
1:23 Stop the Roadkill, 2015 – Created for Bosch at Hornet. Rotobrushing and masking to remove puppeteers, isolate puppets, and replace areas of rigging overlap.
1:30 World of Pipecleaners, 2017 – Created for Nick JR at Mighty Oak. Rig removal, dirt cleanup, recreating shadows, color correction in After Effects.