Fabrication reel includes work from 2013-2017. See list below for my role in each production.

:02 Rice Krispies / building scale mockup from concept art, mountainscape construction
:12 McDonalds, Always Working / foam landscape carving, foliage fabrication and rigging, flocking, painted surface treatment, set dressing
:24 Arla Xanthan / foam set carve, paint, flock, and animated flag fabrication
:30 Little Lungs, Bike / scale mockup, foam carve, fabric fitting, foliage rigging, animatable fence
:36 Little Lungs, Birthday / wall and floor treatments, furniture build out of basswood, animatable cake including flames, building exterior construction and surface treatment
:42 Little Lungs, Snowboard / foam mountain set carve using hand tools and sawzall
:46 Hermes / pine tree paper craft, rigged animatable Christmas tree
:49 Hardboiled / Built gator foam buildings, docks out of distressed basswood, detailing. Driving exterior pavement, foliage, signage.
:50 Amazon Prime Day / contributed to building and ground fabrication, papercut and cardboard
1:00 Marvel Fireplaces / produced and directed fabrication of five 1:12 scale rooms: set design, prop sourcing, custom fabrication including Thor fireplace chandelier and stained glass, Groot generators, set dressing and assembly. (Concept art included to show design, by Jessica Kleinman)

Check out my compositing reel, including work from 2014-2017! My role in each production is explained below.

02 Deep Dive, 2016 – After Effects experiments using found footage and 3D camera moves.
:09 The Jellies, 2017 / Created for Adult Swim at Augenblick studios, my role was exporting Flash assets, and AE comping including adding texture, lighting, 3D camera moves, shadow, effects such as smoke and explosions.
:57 The Snackdown, 2017 / Created for the Cooking Channel at Augenblick. As the Post Production Supervisor, I did all compositing and helped coordinate asset delivery with the client.
1:11 Parade to Work, 2014 / After Effects experiments with the puppet tool.
1:16 Am I Awake, 2015 / Finalist for They Might Be Giants music video contest.
1:23 Stop the Roadkill, 2015 / Created for Bosch at Hornet. Rotobrushing and masking to remove puppeteers, isolate puppets, and replace areas of rigging overlap.
1:30 World of Pipecleaners, 2017 / Created for Nick JR at Mighty Oak. Rig removal, dirt cleanup, recreating shadows, color correction in After Effects.