This reel shows before and after footage for a selection of stop motion projects! More detail about the process for each shot below.

00:02 Puppet Rig Removal, Adding 2D FX
00:05 Tree + Gift Rig Removal, Window CC Mattes
00:10 Isolate FG, replace background, Rig Removal, CC Masks on dog puppet
00:12 Puppet Rig Removal
00:15 Isolating FG, Rig Removal, Wax cleanup, BG extension
00:17 Adding 2D FX, motion tracking graphics onto card
00:19 animated light flicker, adding FLBL bird character, window CC Mattes, Fire blacklight pass
00:24 motion tracking above effects to in camera shake

00:32 soften city edges, rig removal
00:37 rig removal, matte overexposed highlights
00:42 motion tracked rig removal
00:44 lipsync
00:48 rig removal

Nick Jr Pipecleaners
00:54 Rig removal, isolating characters + recreating shadows, dirt cleanup, color correction

The above reel includes 2D compositing and animation from the Adult Swim show “The Jellies,” a Topic monologue episode, and more.

The Jellies: I was solely responsible for compositing the included shots, including lighting, texture, and output from Adobe Animate.

Topic, Monologue: I designed, animated, and composited this paper craft style project for web magazine Topic article about animal intelligence.