Fabrication reel includes work from 2013-2017. See list below for my role in each production, and check out the project pages for more details.

:02 Rice Krispies / building scale mockup from concept art, mountainscape construction
:12 McDonalds, Always Working / foam landscape carving, foliage fabrication and rigging, flocking, painted surface treatment, set dressing
:24 Arla Xanthan / foam set carve, paint, flock, and animated flag fabrication
:30 Little Lungs, Bike / scale mockup, foam carve, fabric fitting, foliage
:36 Little Lungs, Birthday  / wall and floor treatments, furniture build out of basswood, animatable cake including flames, building exterior construction and surface treatment
:42 Little Lungs, Snowboard / foam mountain set carve using hand tools and sawzall
:46 Hermes / pine tree paper craft, rigged animatable Christmas tree
:49 Hardboiled / Built gator foam buildings, docks out of distressed basswood, detailing. Driving exterior pavement, foliage, signage.
:50 Amazon Prime Day / contributed to building fabrication, papercut and cardboard
1:00 Marvel Fireplaces / produced and directed fabrication of five 1:12 scale rooms: set design, prop sourcing, custom fabrication including Thor fireplace chandelier and stained glass, Groot generators, set dressing and assembly. (Concept art included to show design, by Jessica Kleinman)